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Changde City Public Resource Trading Center: Strong Prevention and Control over Epidemic Situation to Serve the Rapid Recovery of Economy

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The public resource trading center is a place where floating population gathers, and the pressure of virus spreading prevention and epidemic control has increased dramatically. The picture shows the caution of body temperature checking procedure of people who come to participate in the activity.


In order to reduce the concentration of personnel, the public resource center adopts a flexible bidding method combining online and offline bidding.


The Public Resource Trading Center is a place where floating population gathers. The complicated identity of the personnel, the wide range of activities, and the uncontrollable number of participants have increased the pressure of virus spreading prevention and epidemic control of this place. Faced with bidders and suppliers across the country, it is necessary to strictly implement the prevention and control measures in key locations around.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Changde City Public Resource Trading Center has attached great importance when tackling it. In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, it has quickly implemented some specific counter-measures for epidemic prevention and control. With the constant changing situation in the critical public health care issue, the center adjusted the prevention and control measures in a timely manner, closely following the deployment of the government. Sticking to the center's functional responsibilities, grasping the prevention and control on the one hand, and the service on the other, the service center spares no effort to infuse vitality into the quick recovery of industrial production and economy consumption of Changde City.

Stay Vigilant with the Orders and Safeguard the Frontline

The epidemic situation is giving an order. According to the whole scale plan of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center regards COVID-19 prevention and epidemic control as an important political task. It requires all staff, especially the leading team, to improve their position and duty senses, firmly adhere to the epidemic prevention line, and to ensure that all staff are kept away from infection.

Changde City Public Resource Trading Center immediately made deployment urgently upon receiving the notice. On January 28th, the center issued the "Announcement on Suspension of All Publicized Projects’ Entry Transactions and New Projects' Entry Schedule". On January 30th, the center held a party group (expanded) meeting to convey the learning of documents from supervising departments and the spirit of the meeting, studying and deploying some relevant specific jobs of epidemic prevention and control. On February 1st, the center studied and approved the "Preparation of New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan" and established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control work, with the single person taking both the charge and the responsibility as the alpha team leader.

One Team Scientifically Organized and One Red Line Strictly Guarded

We all hold the creed that the real faith can only be approved and hardened by the perseverance in the wind and rain and the bold act of marching forward in hardship. According to the center's prevention and control plan arrangements, a comprehensive security team, along with a coronavirus spreading prevention and control investigation team, plus the publicity and reporting team were set up. It is required that each team should perform its duties and comprehensively promote the center's epidemic prevention and control work.

Focusing on the changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation, on February 8th, the Changde City Public Resources Trading Center issued the "Announcement on Resumption of Project Acceptance and Entry Transactions" to resume business acceptance. The announcement requires that all matters that can be handled online (including: admission applications, information release, CA processing, venue reservations, deposit refund, etc.) should be encouraged to be handled online; all participants should wear masks to walk throughout the entrance to the trading center building and accept body temperature testing, status inquiries, and truthfully report and register the situation. In principle, each market subject is limited to one representative to participate in on-site trading activities, and no more than 2 bidding agents per project.

The center arranges special personnel to carry out a full disinfection of the public parts of the working place (corridors, elevators, etc.), and conducts a full disinfection of cleaning personnel in the bid opening, bid evaluation, and office areas. Then, it performs regular disinfection according to the equipment and facility application attribute. A real-time key prevention and control procedure should be carried out in long staying places, and disinfection should be carried out every hour. It has also been ensured that the windows are opened on a regular basis and ventilation is carried out frequently, insisting on ventilation more than 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. The indoor disinfection measurements were also strictly applied to every building spot and corner regularly following a pharmaceutical standard.

At the same time, the center also set up a temperature monitoring station to check the personnel of the center, relevant transaction entities, administrative supervision entities, intermediary agencies and other personnel entering the center one by one, to ensure a stable, reliable and nimble running of temperature monitoring system. And it implemented the "daily report, zero report" to resolutely overcome the take-it-easy thought, resolutely overcome the fluke mentality, aiming to act quickly, pay close attention to implementation, further strengthen prevention and control measures, and resolutely curb the spread of infectious diseases.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the Changde City Public Resource Trading Center has attached great importance to the prevention and control of the outbreak. It has always arranged deployment around the municipal party committee and city government, took the initiative to act, relying on the front command, and arranged a special team and personnel to check the entrance every day, including asking for a green healthy code verified before entering the venue. To cooperate with health code procedure, it is required to do a good job of registration, wearing the pharmaceutical masks, and prompt people from Wuhan to show a negative test result or serum specific antibody test positive certificate in the past 7 days.

Hands Held Together to Push the Development of Local Economy

February 25th was a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. The Changde City Public Resource Trading Center adopted the online bid opening method in a timely manner to smoothly advance the North and South Plaza project in front of the Changde high-speed rail hub station. The north-south square project in front of the Changde high-speed rail hub station is a key control project for the Changde high-speed rail station, and it is the prerequisite for Changyi Chang's high-speed rail to be opened to traffic on schedule.


Rendering of the North and South Plaza Project of Changde High Speed Rail Junction Station


But after the outbreak of the COVID-19, it became the biggest problem that the companies affected by the quarantine could not come to the site to participate in bidding. In order to fully protect the rights and interests of bidders and maintain the openness, fairness and impartiality of public resource trading projects, the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center, the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, and project construction units actively studied countermeasures and innovative service measures and decided to adopt the online opening bid to conduct the bidding stage.

With the help of online video live broadcast software, online bid opening enabled remote bid evaluation of project transactions under the full supervision of the administrative supervision department. Following the identical protocol, on the morning of February 17th, Changde City Public Resources Trading Center ushered in the first batch of people's livelihood projects in Changde in 2020 to start bid evaluation, which ensured the successful landing of that significant people livelihood projects.

Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, Changde City Public Resource Trading Center promoted the “fast recovery plan”, staying close to the pace of principles deployment from Changde City government. On February 13th, the Public Resource Trading Center issued "the COVID-19 Counter-measure Plan", further improved the prevention and control acts, and earnestly implemented "one-hand on virus prevention and public pharmaceutical control, one-hand on public service and economy recovery".

The center gathered wisdom to scientifically promote daily business entry transactions. On the premise of doing a reliable job in virus prevention and control, it tried to reduce the concentration of personnel as much as possible, so that both business work and epidemic prevention and control can be grasped with both hands. During such a severe and challenging period, it tried to ensure that some key projects, people's livelihood projects, along with some specific projects necessary and critical for epidemic prevention and control enter the site to open bids and evaluate bids. The implementation of the service fee reduction and exemption measures were also down to the earth. With the approval of the Office of the Municipal Public Resources Trading Management Committee, the Municipal Public Resources Trading Center will lift off the transaction service fee of the projects covering the construction, decoration and related projects, equipment and materials procurement, construction project survey, design, supervision, agent construction management and other services for all bid evaluation projects from April 1st to June 30th in 2020.

At the same time, the center further strengthened communication and docking to form a joint force for epidemic prevention and control. Communicating with intermediary agencies and owners in advance, for projects that have issued announcements or change announcements plus some other projects that have submitted information online, each business department of the center will count the project status monthly and contact scientific arrangements in a timely manner. It also communicates and connects with the administrative supervision department to minimize the number of people entering the site and supervise the number of personnel. Actively communicating with the city's prevention and control headquarters, promptly reporting relevant data forms, and quickly implementing various prevention and control measures, all these acts have ensured that a bunch of prevention and control protocols are conducted in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

Since the resumption of the project entry transaction, the Changde City Public Resources Trading Center has registered a total of 6,268 entry personnel; in the first quarter of 2020, the center completed 678 transaction projects with a transaction value of RMB 12.687 billion yuan.