Medicine and Medical Instrument Industry Park Project in Lixian Economic and Technical Development Zone

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About the Project:

     Supported by Kangzhe (Hunan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hunan Ping’an Technology Co., Ltd., Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., and Hongtai Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., the project is planned to introduce 10 ~ 20 medicine and medical instrument enterprises, develop modern medicine logistics and packaging, and improve the research and development ability of biological medicine.

Gross Investment:

     ¥5 billion

Proposed Site and Total Area:

     It is situated in Lixian Economic and Technical Development Zone, covering an area of about 0.27 km2.

Contact Information:

     Address: Lixian Investment and Promotion Agency

     Contact Person: Yi Hong 

     Tel.: 13875102988