Changde Wuling District Industrial Zone

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Changde Wuling District Industrial Zone was established in 1992, with a total planned area of 3.767 square kilometers (5650.50 mu). The zone is close to the city center and is the east gate of Changde City. As an industrial cluster in the eastern urban area of Changde City, it has been successfully transformed into a well-known provincial-level mobile Internet industrial zone and a provincial-level zone of advertising culture with innovative features. It currently has 176 enterprises, of which 132 are high-tech and intelligent ones. It has formed a park industrial cluster focusing on mobile Internet, advertising cultural creativity, and intelligent research and development. Moreover, it has successfully cultivated a large number of well-known enterprises, represented by Beijing Yungu Technology, Shenzhen Zhengguang Technology, Hunan Famous Medicine, Chuangyou Network, and Huacai Weiye.

In 2019, the Zone achieved total revenue of 7.64 billion yuan in technology, industry and trade, an increase of 15% over the same period of the previous year. The total output value (transaction value) of its smart industry was 6.209 billion yuan, accounting for 81% of the total output value of the park, and it paid 65 million yuan in taxes, a year-on-year increase of 5%.

Changde Wuling District Industrial Zone has signed strategic cooperation agreements with such colleges as Hunan University of Arts and Sciences to set up a training base to provide sufficient human resources guarantee for enterprises in the zone. The water, electricity, gas, sewage treatment center and other infrastructure facilities in the zone are complete; well-known logistics companies have centralized sorting centers in the zone. Wuling District established financial companies to cooperate with five major commercial banks to serve the enterprises in the zone.

We will always adhere to the development strategy of “establishing a high-tech park and building a smart district”, continuously optimize the industrial structure, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Meanwhile, we will speed up the construction of an innovation system, realize the combination of attracting capital, intelligence and technology, vigorously cultivate technological, ecological, profitable, and innovative enterprises, and strive to build it into a “four-type zone” in the new era.