Changde Economic and Technical Development Zone

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Changde Economic and Technical Development Zone was established in 1992 and is located in Deshan, southeast of Changde City. It was approved as a national economic and technical development zone by the State Council in June 2010. The zone covers an area of 70 square kilometers and has a population of 150,000. It has invested more than 10 billion yuan in infrastructure construction funds and built more than 30 roads in the zone for more than 60 kilometers. The “seven vertical and eight horizontal” road grids have basically formed. Sewage treatment plants, environmentally friendly power plants, substations, urban rapid transit, integrated logistics parks, and urban flood control circles have been fully completed. The construction of a smart energy center and a solid waste treatment center has been  launched, and the supporting functions for the city have been improved day by day.

A number of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms such as the national technology business incubator, the Huawei Changde Industrial Internet Innovation Center, and the e-commerce enterprise accelerator have been established and operated. Hundred-megawatt-level multi-power experimental verification platforms are being accelerated. In addition, it has 19 research and development institutions (platforms) above the provincial level, and has established a one-stop service platform from investment promotion to construction and operation, which provides strong support for the development and growth of the enterprise.

There are currently 185 large-scale industrial enterprises in the zone, including 76 enterprises valued more than 100 million yuan, 84 high-tech enterprises, and 23 enterprises invested by companies from“ Top 500” in the world, country or in private sector. Two million square meters of standardized plants have been built in the zone, and the scale of the industrial fund reaches three billion yuan, attracting large-scale enterprise groups such as CRRC, CNBM, China Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Hengtian, New Hope Group, Fosun Group, and Hengan Group to invest and start businesses. The “3+2” industrial system has gradually formed with three leading industries of intelligent equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, biomedicine and food, and two characteristic industries of new generation information technology and business logistics.

In 2025, it strives to achieve more than 260 industrial enterprises of large scale, 130 high-tech enterprises, total revenue of technology, industry and trade exceeding 160 billion yuan, industrial added value of 70 billion or more, and high-tech industry of 50 billion or more. At the same time, the total import and export volume will be more than 2 billion US dollars.