Changde High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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The predecessor of the Changde High-tech Industrial Park was the Changde Dingcheng Economic Development Zone established in 2005. It was upgraded to a provincial-level high-tech zone in 2012 and was officially approved as a national-level high-tech industrial development zone in February 2017. The strategic planning area of the core area of the zone is 63 square kilometers, and the built-up area is 15 square kilometers. It will drive the Wuling Mobile Internet Industrial Park, Hanshou High-tech Industrial Park, and West Dongting Biological Technology Industrial Park to form a coordinated development pattern of “one zone and three parks”.

The infrastructure of the Zone, including water, electricity, roads, gas, and communications, is fully integrated with the main urban area, forming a relatively complete infrastructure. It has built 1 million square meters of standardized workshops with various specifications, and can also customize and build workshops for enterprises. Meanwhile, the Zone has established close cooperative relations with more than 40 universities and research institutes such as Tsinghua University and National University of Defense Technology. The core part of the Zone has 200,000 square meters of living facilities and a five-star hotel to provide the best guarantee for the production and life of enterprises.

The Zone enjoys a superior development environment. Various preferential policies, talents, funds, information and other essential resources are gathered here to provide a strong guarantee for building a zone with the best policies. The industrial layout of the Zone is dominated by intelligent equipment manufacturing, optoelectronic information, and military-civilian integration, with special features of new materials, and life and health. At present, there are 382 industrial enterprises in the park, including 120 large-scale enterprises, 44 high-tech enterprises, and 63 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan. In the past three years, standardized factory buildings of 1 million square meters have been built.

In 2019, the Zone achieved a total income of 50 billion yuan in technology, industry and trade, and a total industrial output value of 38 billion yuan, an increase of 36.2%. The growth rate of industrial added value ranked second in Hunan province. The added value of high-tech output value increased by 24.5%, and the high-tech output value accounted for 66% of the total industrial output value, maintaining a good momentum of high-quality development.

In recent years, the Changde High-tech Industrial Zone has focused on the strategic deployment of the policy of “opening up to strengthen the city and building the city by industry”, highlighting innovation leadership, transformational leapfrogging, and project support, and striving to promote the construction of “100 billion’s industrial zones and new industrial cities”, with an attempt to achieve the trinity development of “high-tech zones, new urban areas, and famous tourist attractions”.