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In the transition from the middle subtropical zone to the north subtropical zone, Changde has a humid monsoon climate. It has obvious characteristics of continental and monsoon climate, with warm climate and distinct four seasons, sufficient heat and concentrated rainfall, changeable spring and dry summer and autumn, and short cold period while long summer heat period.

The annual average temperature of the whole city is 17.0 ℃. Generally, January is the coldest month and July is the hottest. The annual temperature range is between 23.2 ~ 24.0 ℃. The annual average total precipitation is 1344.5mm, with uneven temporal and spatial distribution, which mainly falls during the period from early April to early July. The northwest of Shimen County and the south of Taoyuan County are the heavy precipitation centers of the city. The annual average sunshine duration is 1589.5 hours, and the frost free period is 249 - 297 days.