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Changde, located in the northwest of Hunan province, is an important node city of Yangtze River Economic Belt and also an important part of Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone, with Ruanshui River and Lishui River running through the whole territory. The city covers a total area of 18,200 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 9 districts, counties (cities) and 6 administrative areas. As of zero o’clock on November 1st, 2020, Changde had a permanent population of 5,279,102, with the total number ranking the 5th among 14 cities in Hunan province. In the city’s permanent population, male accounted for 50.13% and female accounted for 49.87%; the gender ratio of the total population (let’s say100 females, male to female ratio) was 100.52. The population aged 0-14 was 785,073, accounting for 14.87%; the population aged 15-59 was 3,172,972, accounting for 60.10%; the population aged 60 and above was 1,321,057, accounting for 25.02%; the population aged 65 and above was 1,011,703, accounting for 19.16%.

The level of well-off people in all respects ranked the first phalanx in the province, with all the city and county levels meeting the standards. The GDP of the region reached 375 billion yuan (estimated figure, the same below), an increase of over 100 billion yuan over 2015, and the industrial mix of the primary, secondaryand tertiary industries was adjusted to 12.6:39.4:48. Cumulative investment in fixed assets exceeded 1 trillion yuan. Local general public budget revenue reached 18.786 billion yuan, ranking among the top three in the province, and ranking among the top of the province in terms of revenue quality. Retail sales of consumer goods totaled nearly 150 billion yuan, 1.6 times that of 2015. The per capita disposable income of all residents reached 26,274 yuan, an annual growth rate of 8.7%. The balance of deposits and loans in financial institutions exceeded 360 billion yuan and 250 billion yuan respectively, an increase of 21% in terms of loan-to-deposit ratio. Changde ranks the 72nd in the comprehensive economic competitiveness of Chinese cities, Wuling District ranks among the top 50 of the national top 100 districts and Taoyuan County ranks top 10 in the county economy of the whole province.