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Yang Sichang and Yang Hong

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     Yang Sichang was born in Wuling District in 1588 and died in 1641. He once served as an official in Imperial Academy and the Ministry of Revenue. In 1628, he was transferred to Henan Province, in charge of defending affairs of Shanhai Pass. Among the locals in Wuling District, Yang was called “Yang Lao” or “Minister Yang”. He made great contributions to the construction and development of Changde and Taohuayuan. As for literature, he wrote Yang Wenruo Anthology.





    Yang Hong was born in Wuling District in 1587 and died in 1648. He was Yang Sichang’s uncle. In 1622, he passed the highest imperial examination and served as an official in government. He was known to be incorrupt and upright and he often had conflicts with treacherous court officials. When King Fu of the Ming Dynasty was in power, Yang got promotion. Yang is considered as one of the most influential officials in the late Ming Dynasty.