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Chen Jinkun

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  Chen Jinkun, a native of Changde County, is a famous jurist in modern China. In 1887, he was born in Changde County. In 1908, he went to Japan and studied in a middle school. Five years later, he entered Tokyo Imperial University and majored in Law. In 1917, he came back to China with a master’s degree. After then, he worked in Beijing University, Chaoyang University, and Chinese University as a law teacher. In 1946, he went to Yan’an under the invitation of Mao Zedong. In 1948, he worked as the president of Northern China Supreme People’s Court. After 1949, he plunged himself into establishment of various laws for the newly-born China. In 1959, he died of disease in Beijing at the age of 72.   
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