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Yang Yizhen

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    Yang Yizhen, who styled himself as Xingnong, was also known by his literary name, Yizhi. He was born in Huilongqiao Dingcheng District in 1805 and died in 1898. When he was very young, he was hard-working and received good family education. At the age of 19, he passed the imperial examination at the county level. Then he passed imperial examination at the provincial level with Zuo Zongtang (a famous militarist and politician) and Wu Minshu (a famous literati and historian). In 1850, he became a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination and was appointed as a member of the Imperial Academy. Two years later, he was transferred to the Ministry of War and had some political achievements in his official career. After he retired and returned hometown, he established a school. Yang ardently loved ancient Chinese prose and inherited Confucius’ and Mencius’ thoughts. He was concerned about national affairs throughout his life, and even handed in his proposal of currency regulation to the central government as a way to increase public revenue. His poems contained the idea of managing the state and helping the needy people. He wrote 16 volumes of Collected Works of Yizhishi. Zeng Guofan (a key official in suppressing the Taiping Rebellion and creating the era known as the Tongzhi Restoration) praised him as the top of scholars in Hunan Province.