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Xin Shuzhi

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    Xin Shuzhi was born in a poor family of Linli County in 1894 and died in 1977. When he was 9, he entered a home school with a private tutor. Four years later, he was admitted to middle school. Owing to cruel exploitation and successive years of tangled warfare among warlords, the laboring people led a vagrant life, which was witnessed by him. Therefore, he believed in that the country would be rejuvenated through science and education. He was ever appointed as professor and dean of the Department of Biology in Sun Yat-sen University and collected more than 60 thousand specimens. Thereinto, over 20 specimens were named after Xin.

    In 1936, he resigned his post as curator of National Institute for Compilation and Translation in Nanjing and went to the northwest of China preparing to establish Northwest A&F University. After the victory of China’s Anti-Japanese War, he went further into the hinterland to build Lanzhou University. After the founding of new China, Xin was back to Northwest A&F University as president, making the university on the right track. In 1976, he determinedly led the team for site inspections throughout the southern provinces regardless of his advanced age as 82. In October 1977, he departed from the world forever, respected and admirable.