Tian Wenfang Solo Concert Held in HUAS

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On Dec. 18th, Tian Wenfang Solo Concert was held in Hunan University of Arts and Science (HUAS). The concert, co-hosted by College of Arts, HUAS and School of Music and Dance, Jishou University, is a part of a series of concerts named “Soul of Changde”, which is to commemorate the Battle of Changde.

The Battle of Changde was a fight against the invasion of Japanese Army back in 1943, which played a role in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-1945). To commemorate the heroes in this war as well as to educate students today about the history, HUAS Art Creation Center of Battle of Changde was established to present a series of artistic works on the battle.

The series also includes oratorios, musicals, outdoor sitcoms as well as operas, dramas, exhibitions of paintings and Chinese calligraphy, most of which are original.


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