Changde to Select “Ten Best Communities”

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Changde is to launch the selection of “ten best communities” of the city in 2020 and the list is expected to be updated every three months.

The selection aims at providing a better living environment for the citizens of Changde as well as challenging staff in communities to work in a more positive way. 66 communities in Wuling District, 15 in Dingcheng District, 9 in Economic Development Zone and 5 in Liuye Lake Tourist Resort will participate in the selection.

Office of Changde Urban Management will not only publish the names of the ten best communities, but also those of the ten worst ones, whose major problems in management will also be announced. Once a community is listed as one of the “ten best communities”, it will get an award of 100,000 Yuan, while one of the ten worst ones will be fined 10,000 Yuan. If one community is continuously listed as one of the “ten worst communities”, the party secretary will be scheduled to have a talk with his / her superiors.


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