Three Schools in Changde Awarded with Provincial Ecological Civilization Model School

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On December 12th, it was learned from Municipal Education Bureau that Hunan Provincial Education Department has recently issued the list of the 7th batch of provincial ecological civilization model school, in which are Ziqiao Primary School of Wuling District, Taoyuan County No. 4 Middle School and Li County No. 1 middle School.

In the summer vacation in 2017, Ziqiao Primary School of Wuling District invested two million yuan to reconstruct the spongy city project, building glass greenhouses, purchasing fish tanks and flowers and putting up small gardens. Teachers and students reaped great joy from reclaiming the garden, seeding and fertilizing.

Taoyuan County No. 4 Middle School and Li County No. 1 Middle School have also conducted a series of publicity campaign about environmental protection, such as holding class meetings, collecting solicited essays, creating hand-copied paper, which has enhanced support of ecological environmental protection from all the teachers and students.


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