Zhu Shuiping Spurs HUAS Students to Fight for Chinese Dream

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On December 5, Zhu Shuiping, Deputy Secretary of Changde Municipal Party Committee, was invited to Hunan University of Arts and Science (HUAS) and made a report on the situation and policy for more than 1000 teachers and students, entitled "Fly the Dreams of Youth in the Struggle for the Chinese Dream of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation ". Zhu used three classic songs to encourage students to be firm in their ideals and beliefs and strive to be the believers of communism, to practice their excellent skills and strive to be the enterprising ones, to keep their youthful spirit and strive to be the fighters of innovation and creation, and to establish noble character and strive to be the practitioners of the new trend of the times.

Zhu pointed out that Hunan University of Arts and Sciences has made an important contribution to maintaining the overall situation of Changde's reform, development and stability. The decision of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to integrate Baima Lake Cultural Park into Hunan University of Arts and Sciences is to strive to build it into the most beautiful university in Hunan Province, and accelerate its construction into a first-class domestic comprehensive applied technology university characteristic of “localization, openness and internationalization”.

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