Changde Launches 2019 Constitution Publicity Week

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On December 2, the launching ceremony of Changde Constitution Publicity Week was held in the No.1 Primary School of Wuling District. The activity was jointly sponsored by the office of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Changde Judicial Bureau, Wuling District Committee of the Communist Party of China and Wuling District Department of Justice.

December 4 is the Sixth National Constitution Day in China. The theme of this year is to "carry forward the spirit of the constitution and modernize the national governance system and governance capacity". At the launching ceremony, the students of the No.1 Primary School of Wuling District expressed their understanding of the constitution in the form of painting, calligraphy, scene performance, etc. All participants, teachers and students of the school made a constitutional oath and signed on the signature wall, promising to respect and study the constitution and maintain its authority. In the following step, the sponsors will also hold different activities to publicize the constitution in enterprises, villages, institutions, campuses, communities, barracks, and networks to through the constitution, so that the masses can fully believe in the law, consciously apply the law, sincerely believe in the law, and form a good legal atmosphere in the whole society.


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