A City in Taohuayuan

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  Changde, located in the northwest of Hunan, is rich in natural scenery,boasting scores of national and provincial nature reserves and scenic spots. For example, Taohuayuan, Changde’s well-known scenic area, is referred to as a paradise on earth with fascinating spots. It is famous throughout the country mainly because of the literary masterpiece Record of Taohuayuan, in which Tao Yuanming, a great writer of the Jin dynasty, describes a heaven of solitary peace secluded in peach woods. Huayan Creek, the hometown of white egret, is an ideal place for boating, fishing, strolling and sightseeing. As the roof of Hunan, the Huping Mount, 2099 meters above sea level, is a national nature reserve coated with primeval forests and boasting precious fauna and flora. Jiashan National Forest Park not only boasts fresh air and lush woods but also is rich in cultural relics such as Jiashan Temple, the Grave of Li Zicheng. Liuye Lake, an international hydro-stadium, is a tourist resort for holiday, recreation and recuperation. Muping Lake, an international wetland, provides you with a retiring escape into nature.