National Greening Model City

Source:Changde English Date:2017-05-15 20:48:05 【Fonts:Small Big

  In 2016, National Afforestation Committee awarded Changde the title of “National Model Green City”, the highest honor to a city’s greening achievements and a significant sign of sound ecological environment. In the past, Changde has invested special funds in landscaping and accelerated urban and rural greening so that both urban green landscape and rural ecological environment have been largely improved. At present, the city boasts 703 thousand hectares of forest land with a forest coverage of 47.98%, 3803.2 hectares of urban green land with a green coverage of more than 43.66%, and 1002 hectares of park land with   park land per capita of 14.3 m2. All in all, the livable environment and beautiful landscape lay a strong ecological foundation for a sustainable, scientific and leap development of Changde.