National Water-saving City

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    Changde grew into a provincial-level water saving city in 2010 and a national one in 2011. It was a fruit of the policy of “building Changde into a National Water Saving City” by Changde City Party Committee and Changde City Government in 2009. Since then, Changde has remained committed to comprehensive use of water resources, equal attention to opening up scientifically new sources and saving efficiently water, and high priority to water pollution control. Besides, it has also developed water-conserving concept, systems, facilities and sci-tech. Such efforts, together with collaboration between regulating departments and watchdogs and the wide involvement of society, have brought a water-saving Changde and 10 national water-saving enterprises including Changde Cigarette Factory and Heng’an Paper Industry, 35 water-saving government sectors and 27 water-efficient communities.