The "Most Beautiful Bride" Zhou Wei

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     The "most beautiful bride"-Zhou Wei’s heroic deeds, reported by in November, has been gaining praise in more than 40 media, such as People's Network, Xinhua News Agency, Fenghuang Network and Tencent Network.

     On September 11, CDYEE released a report entitled "The Shimen Nurse Rescued 4 Car-Accident Injured on her Honeymoon Travel" on its PC terminal and WeChat Public Account, and set a successive special column to cover her positive energy. 

     Zhou Wei, “the most beautiful bride,” was awarded "The good Samaritan in China" and was in "China's Good People List."

The “most beautiful bride” Zhou Wei was sharing how she rescued the injured during her honeymoon trip at the Exemplary Model Report of Changde Health Planning System.

Zhou Wei was awarded "The good Samaritan in China".

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