Top Tourism City in China

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    Changde boasts abundant tourism resources, including five national forest parks, one national scenic area, one national nature reserve and four key heritage sites under State protection. It was awarded the title of “Top Tourism City in China” in January 2001. With an airport, expressways and railways, it provides convenient transportation for tourists. It also offers excellent tourism service facilities, including 29 international or domestic travel agencies (two international agencies and twenty-seven domestic ones), 35 hotels (two four-star hotels, eleven three-star hotels and twenty-two two-star hotels) and a large number of farm inns, shops, car companies and places of entertainment. In recent years, efforts have been constantly made to develop tourism areas such as Taohuayuan Resort, Huayanxi Resort, Jiashan Mountain National Forest Park, Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve, which have gradually won reputations at home and abroad.