Food Experts Give Advice on Industry Development of Changde Fragrant Rice

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-07-12 08:20:10 【Fonts:Small Big

On July 8th, during the Fifth Session of Changde Food Economy Science and Technology Society, and the Second President Meeting of the Fourth Session of Changde Food Industry Association (Expanded), Changde’s food industry experts gathered together and gave advice on the industry development and brand building of Changde fragrant rice.

In recent years, the society and the association have insisted on focusing on the central task and serving the overall interests, earnestly building the public brand of Changde fragrant rice, enhancing the efficiency of enterprises and increasing the income of farmers, and boosting regional food security and rural revitalization. At present, Changde fragrant rice has obtained the agricultural product geographical indication and geographical indication certification trademark of Ministry of Agriculture. In the next step, the society and the association will make concerted efforts to strengthen the construction of the base, develop leading enterprises, pay close attention to the quality improvement of Changde fragrant rice products, the construction of enterprise credit, and the brand shaping of Changde fragrant rice, and improve the quality of grain and oil products supply.


Translator: Ding Yaling

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