“Made in Changde” Shines in China Winter Sports Conference

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-07-10 11:10:36 【Fonts:Small Big

China Winter Sports Conference 2021 kicked off at Shougang Park of Beijing Shijingshan District on Friday. As the only official partner in Hunan, Hunan Yuegang Mookray Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Changde High-tech Zone, constructed the winter sports themed scene of China Winter Sports Conference with new industrial modular materials, which became a beautiful scenery line of the conference.

Mookray Co., Ltd., settled in Changde High-tech Zone in 2017, is among the Five 100 Major Industry Projects in Hunan Province and the winner of Innovative Enterprise Medal of China’s 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up. In April this year, after signing a contract with the organizing committee of China Winter Sports Conference in Beijing, Mookray Co., Ltd. officially became the official partner of China Digital Winter Sports Finals, participated in China Winter Sports Development Summit Forum, and worked together to promote the development of China's winter sports industry.


Translator: Ding Yaling

Chinese source: www.changde.gov.cn