Long Bing Wins the Title of “Top Ten People of the Year Moving Transportation in 2020”

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On April 30, the Ministry of Transport held a video report meeting to announce the “top ten people of the year moving transportation in 2020”. Long Bing, an independent truck driver in our city, was honored as the only transportation person in Hunan Province.

It is reported that the campaign of “moving people of the year” jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions has been carried out for eight consecutive years. Batch after batch of advanced models that have moved the transportation and society have emerged, which has become a vivid carrier of carrying forward the spirit of transportation in the new era and a shining brand of spiritual civilization construction in the industry. It has also become a spiritual festival that all traffic people are looking forward to.

Long Bing is a truck driver in Chaanpu Town of Taoyuan County in our city. At the beginning of last year, at the critical moment of the outbreak of the epidemic in Hubei, Long Bing drove to Hubei alone for 11 times to deliver relief goods and materials of love, with a journey of 12000 kilometers, becoming one of the most beautiful heroes in harm’s way.


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