Liuye Lake Welcomes 158,800 Visitors during the May Day Holiday

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From May 1 to 2, the Liuye Lake Tourist Resort received 158,800 tourists and achieved a comprehensive tourism income of 70.6865 million yuan.

During the May Day holiday this year, Liuye Lake has carefully planned a number of cultural and tourism activities. Next to the beach park, more than 20 excellent bands performed “romantic and carnival meeting” in the Lakeside Music Festival for three consecutive days. The festival also has a creative market area, arts and crafts area, tent area and other multi-cultural areas to bring more experience to the audience. Dreamer art center beside Baiguoyuan post station on Huanhu Road of Liuye Lake, together with DG wedding dress, launched a brand wedding dress exhibition. Romantic wedding dress and fashionable furnishings attracted many tourists to take photos and punch in. In the national 4A tourist attraction Kale Planet, the second competition of Changde City audition of the third King's Glory national competition is coming, and the night activities are returning happily, attracting 13000 people in two days to feel the charm of the dream world. Changde River Street received 71000 tourists in two days, and the intangible cultural heritage and creative fair on Mayang Street became a concentration place for tourists to punch in.


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