Delegation from the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce Investigates Changde

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From April 15 to 16, Zhu Wenlong, director of the Domestic Liaison Department and the Third Industry Department of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, led a delegation of the person in charge of the medical valley of Germany in China to visit Changde and discuss the establishment of the Sino German biomedical (Changde) Industrial Park project. Vice Mayor Yang Chengying participated in the investigation and discussion.


Delegation in Planning Exhibition Hall of JinshiHigh Tech Zone

The delegation successively visited some pharmaceutical enterprises in Jinshi, Hanshou and Changde Economic Development Zone. At the forum, the responsible persons of Changde Economic Development Zone, Changde Market Supervision Bureau, Changde Commerce Bureau and Changde Caixin Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. respectively introduced the development of Changde biomedical industry, relevant policies, business environment and industrial funds.


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