Critical Care Medicine Experts Discuss Clinical Diagnosis and Skills in Changde

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On April 17, the academic conference of China Travel (Changde station) on 2021 severe technical specifications was held in Zhiyuan Hall. Nearly 300 experts and scholars from inside and outside the province attended the conference.


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This is a grand event of critical care medicine. At the meeting, Prof. Du Bin, chief physician and doctoral supervisor of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Prof. Zhou Jianxin, chief physician and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Tiantan Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, and Prof. Ma Penglin, director of Department of critical care medicine of Guizhou International General Hospital, respectively discussed “intrapulmonary shunt”, “evaluation of bedside respiratory mechanics” and “sedation of patients with mechanical ventilation: how to determine the depth?”.

In addition to special lectures and intensive care exchanges, the academic conference had medical and nursing case discussion, expert making the rounds of the wards. Experts and scholars explained the critical care diagnosis and treatment technology through theory combined with practice, and put forward new ideas for clinical critical care difficulties and doubts.

It is reported that as the last line of defense to protect life, critical care medicine has a long way to go for every medical staff in their place, whether it is the enrichment of theory or the improvement of skills. This academic conference aims to exchange, spread and promote critical care medicine, and further standardize and improve the diagnosis and treatment technology and operation level of critical care medicine in primary medical institutions.


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