Changde Conducts a Survey on Smart City Construction

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Changde is carrying out a questionnaire survey on the construction of a new smart city. This campaign is to better understand the actual needs and expectations of the locals for the construction. Questions such as "What's your focus in smart city? What is the smart city like in your mind?" were asked and opinions and suggestions were welcomed.

In the questionnaire, citizens can evaluate the city's online and offline government services, such as license handling, social security services, and tax payment services. They also vote on whether the government should include various services into the app “My Changde”. And those services include transportation and travel services, medical treatment, access to residential buildings, supermarket shopping, ticket purchasing in scenic spots, and book borrowing services. It is decided that the government shall include urban education information release, e-learning platform, intelligent bus electronic stop, smart parking, community service, smart pension and other services in the smart city construction project according to the actual needs of the citizens.

The survey lasts from March 15 to April 15. The public can finish the questionnaire survey through the official website of Changde City Administration and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau in an anonymous way.

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