Awarding Ceremony of "Zeng Xiangfu Traffic Management Demonstration Post" Branded by Hunan Provincial Traffic Police Corps

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On April 2, Jiang Jianxiang, head of the traffic police corps of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department awarded the "Zeng Xiangfu Traffic Management Demonstration Post" at Zhilan intersection of LiuYe Avenue and Langzhou Road in Wuling District, Changde. Li Zhong, vice mayor and director of Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xia Gean, member of the Party committee and director of the Political Department of the Traffic Police Corps of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department attended the ceremony.


Traffic Policeman Zeng Xiangfu demonstrates "Five Steps of Whistle Traffic Command", an original traffic guidance method created by him.

 Zeng Xiangfu has been working as a field traffic policeman for 35 years. He has investigated and punished more than 120,000 traffic violations and carried out over 6,000 cases of administrative law enforcement. During his service, he has successfully maintained the record of "zero complaint". He created the "Five Steps of Whistle Traffic Command", a traffic guidance method which had reduced the traffic congestion index of duty intersection by 60% and traffic accidents by 30%. He is close to the local people and loved by them, who affectionately call him "Brother Whistle".

Jiang Jianxiang warmly congratulated Zeng Xiangfu on the official listing of the traffic management demonstration post on behalf of the Party committee of the Corps. Li Zhong asked the police corps in Changde to cherish the honor of the post, further innovate the working methods and make the post a benchmark of the city's traffic management.

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