Mayor Zou Wenhui Attends the First Plenary Session of Changde Municipal Food Safety Committee

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On April 1st, Changde Food Safety Committee held the first plenary session of 2021. The meeting was to study and implement President Xi Jinping's instructions on food safety work, convey the spirit of the relevant meetings of the State Council and the provincial government, summarize the work on food safety in 2020, and deploy the next key work on food safty. Mayor Zou Wenhui attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


The Meeting

Mayor Zou pointed out that departments at all levels in the city should take food safety as a major political task and livelihood project. He stressed that it is necessary to comprehensively establish a standard production management and a supervision system in work, key areas and key links. It is also necessary to consistently maintain the attitude of cracking down on food crimes, to strictly investigate illegal acts in food industry, to establish the problem-locate mechanism and emergency response mechanism, and to improve the ability of food safety management. He urged the city to increase the supply of ecological agricultural products as well as striving to build a healthy food related industrial chain. He believed the next step would be to promote food safety, branding and developing high-end food products.

After the meeting, Mayor Zou Wenhui also conducted a field trip to Molicun Farmer's Market, Changde Women's Foreign Language School and Changgeng Market Supervision Office of Wuling District to research on issues such as live poultry trade, promotion on food inspection QR code, transformation of school canteens and standardization construction of primary market supervision office.

Executive Vice Mayor Luo Yijun, Vice Mayor Gong Dehan, Vice Mayor Yang Chengying, and Li Zhengcai, Secretary General of Changde Municipal Government joined in the activities.

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