Mayor Zou Wenhui Researches the Development of Changde Baijiu Industry Chain

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On April 1st, Mayor Zou Wenhui visited Hunan Wuling Liquor Co., Ltd. and Hunan Deshan Liquor Co., Ltd. in the Economic Development Zone to investigate the operation and development of Baijiu industry chain of the city. He pointed out that the two companies should seize market opportunities for a coordinated development. Through joint efforts of enterprises and the government, Baijiu brands in Changde shall be constantly promoted to achieve a leapfrog development and push the better branding of the Baiju industry chain in the city.


Mayor Zou Wenhui researches on the technical reform project of Wuling Liquor Co., Ltd.  

Mayor Zou Wenhui conducted a field trip to the construction site of the new plant of Wuling Liquor Co., Ltd and the brewing workshops and the Baiju storage workshops of Deshan Liquor Co. Ltd.. In 2020, Wuling Liquor achieved a sales revenue of 687 million Yuan and contributed about 140 million Yuan in tax revenue. It is estimated that Wuling Liquor will achieve a sales revenue of 3 billion Yuan and contribute 600 million Yuan in tax revenue by 2025 while Deshan Liquor sales revenue of 2 billion Yuan, and tax revenue of 400 million Yuan. Besides, over 1,000 more job vacancies will be available.

Mayor Zou pointed out that the two industries should conduct in-depth analysis and research on products, brands and markets, starting with innovating aspects such as pricing, marketing and profit modes. He emphasized the significance of brand promotion and marketing planning on the basis of quality control. He also required that relevant departments and bureaus of the city should strictly implement the established policies such as contribution award and talent introduction fee, and continuously optimize the supporting services related to enterprise to fully help the development of industry chain.

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