Changde Identified as a Demonstration City for Quality and Safety of National Agricultural Products

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On March 12th, it was learned from Changde Agricultural & Rural Affairs Bureau that on the list of the 3rd batch of demonstration cities and counties for quality and safety of national agricultural products, identified by Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Changde has been identified as the first demonstration city for quality and safety of national agricultural products in Hunan province.

In recent years, our city has earnestly implemented the four most stringent requirements and adhered to both production and management, with the coverage rate of agricultural standardized production exceeding 80%. The five-level agricultural product quality safety supervision network and agricultural product quality inspection system have been improved, and the system for traceability of major producers of large-scale agricultural products has been fully covered, giving a strong boost to the development of green, high-quality and brand-based agriculture. Changde Aromatic Rice and Shimen Citrus have been rated as regional public brands for national characteristic agricultural products. The qualification rate of main agricultural products monitored has been kept above 98% for many years in a row. There has been zero accident in quality and safety of agricultural products for 18 consecutive years in Changde.


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