Zhou Weihui Stresses the Importance of Giving Full Play to the Advantage of Resources to Win the Opportunity for Future Development

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Zhou Weihui comments on project cooperation in China Software Evaluation Center


On March 12th, Zhou Weihui, deputy secretary of the Changde Municipal CPC Committee and mayor of the Municipal Government, visited enterprises in Beijing and carried out investment activities to promote the implementation of related projects as soon as possible. He pointed out that in attracting foreign investment, Changde should give full play to its advantage of resources to win opportunities for future development of Changde.

Zhou Weihui and his party visited China Software Evaluation Center and were interlinked with the central region sub-platform project of National Robot Inspection and Testing Public Service Platform. It is reported that based on the form of “platform landing + project introduction + industry fund”, China Software Evaluation Center has planned to drive superior resources to settle in Changde Economic Development Zone, and build a demonstration base for robot and intelligent equipment industry manufacturing and application. Both parties fully exchanged views on cooperation during the discussion.


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