Ensuring the Safety of Every Bite of Food: No Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Incidents in Changde for 18 Consecutive Years

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-03-10 10:50:23 【Fonts:Small Big

From March 1st to 9th,in different three groups, staff from Changde Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Inspection and Testing Center carried out the first routine monitoring of the quality and safety of agricultural products in 2021 in 9 districts and counties of the city and selected a total of 450 batches of fruits, vegetables and agricultural products. In recent years, our city has earnestly implemented “the four most stringent” requirements and stressed both production and management, having kept the safety of agricultural products. The qualification rate of vegetables in provincial routine monitoring was 98.8%, 100% for both fruits and tea, 99% for both livestock and poultry, and aquatic products, all of which are higher than the provincial assessment index of 97% and rank in the front row of the province. Till now, there have been no agricultural product quality and safety incidents in Changde for 18 consecutive years.


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