Deputy Director Yu Huaimin Investigates Changde’s Education Work

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On March 18th, Yu Huaimin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Municipal People's Congress, investigates the education work in Changde.

In 2020, the education industry in Changde continued to maintain a good momentum of rapid development. At present, there are 1,780 schools, 182 teaching sites, with a total of 806,000 students in Changde.

In the morning, Yu Huaimin visited Changde No.1 Middle School, Dingcheng No.1 Middle School, Changde Vocational and Technical College and Hunan Institute of Applied Technology. He went to the teaching buildings and dormitory buildings as well as the teaching practice and training bases. He communicated with teachers and students in the library, and learned about the histories of the schools and colleges. A forum was held in the afternoon where Yu Huaimin listened to the reports from the Changde Municipal Bureau of Education, Wuling District, Dingcheng District and the Coordination Office of Changde University Town. She said that education is the foundation of a long-term plan. The whole society should always put education in an important position. Changde has a profound educational heritage and its achievements are obvious to all, which is closely related to the efforts of the vast number of educators working in the front line of education. Education should meet the people's yearning for a better life. Persistent efforts and scientific planning should be put in the first place. She urged that efforts should be made to keep education the leading role in the province.


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