Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui Inspects Changde Vocational and Technical College

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On March 4, vice mayor Zhou Daihui went to Changde Vocational and Technical College to investigate the school running direction, professional characteristics and construction of affiliated hospitals. Relevant persons in charge of Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Health Commission and Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau participated in the investigation.


Zhou Daihui Delivers a Speech

Changde Vocational and Technical College has nearly 14000 full-time students and 1105 teaching staff. In the past three years, it has invested 200 million yuan to improve the quality of the campus, and the campus has taken on a new look. The college aims at the goal of "double high" vocational college to connect with the key points of local industrial development, promoting modern apprenticeship, order training and other talent training modes. Since its establishment, the college has turned out more than 50000 talents of various types, with high employment rate of graduates, and adheres to the integration of production and education.

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