Changde Marathon Upgraded to IAAF Logo Competition

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Recently, the official website of the World Athletics Federation announced that Changde Liuye Lake Marathon won the 2021 "World Athletics Federation Logo Competition" event certification.

Affected by the epidemic, the World Federation of Athletics adjusted the original 4-level sign system of white gold, gold, silver and copper to 3-level system of Elite Platinum, elite and ordinary. On the premise of implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, our city successfully held the 2020 Liuye Lake Marathon in Changde. As the only all marathon event in Hunan Province, the event has received a warm response and has been well received by all walks of life.

It is reported that Changde Liuye Lake Marathon started in 2016. After four years, it has grown from a bronze medal event of China Track and Field Association to a gold medal event, and successfully upgraded to a World Athletics Federation logo event. Through continuous efforts and innovation, Changde Liuye Lake Marathon has played an increasingly important role in improving the influence of the city, improving the urban infrastructure, adjusting the industrial structure, and accelerating the development of urban economic construction. It has gradually become a beautiful business card for Changde’s external development so that more people can witness the heroic style of Changde hero city.

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