Two Experts Enjoy Special Allowance from the State Council

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Recently, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security that Zhang Pingxi and Yan Liguo of our city were awarded the special allowance of the State Council.

The government special allowance system of the State Council is an important system for the Party Central Committee and the State Council to care for and encourage the vast number of professional and technical talents and high skilled talents, and strengthen the construction of high-level and high skilled talents. Each selected expert enjoys a one-time tax-free special allowance of 20000 yuan, and enjoys the honor of special allowance expert of the State Council Government for life. Up to now, there are 71 people in our city who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. Zhang Pingxi is the vice president of the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, senior agronomist and artichoke engineering technology expert. He has been engaged in agricultural technology promotion for 39 years, creating economic benefits of 3.75 billion yuan and increasing farmers' income by 850 million yuan. His research achievements have won the second prize of Hunan Agricultural Harvest in 2015 and the second prize of Hunan Science and technology Progress in 2019. Yan Liguo is the principal of Taoyuan No.1 Middle School and a senior teacher of primary and secondary schools. He has been engaged in education, teaching and teaching management in rural demonstration high schools for 33 years. He has led the school to practice the concept of "emotional education and student-centered classroom", and systematically promoted the moral education project in classroom teaching, social practice, logistics service and other aspects. He has been rated as "national excellent educator".

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