Six Individuals and Four Collective Units of Changde Commended at the National Commendation Conference for Poverty Alleviation

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On Feb. 25, the national summary and commendation conference for poverty alleviation was held in Beijing, where 6 advanced individuals and 4 collective units were commended.

The 6 advanced individuals are Guo Bixun, Tang Haiping, Chen Lu, Chen Zhigang, Wang Xinfa, and Wang Ting, and the 4 advanced collective units are Changde Development-oriented Poverty Alleviation Office, and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Lixian County, and the Council of Huangshi Town, Taoyuan County, and Hunan Xiangjia Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Guo Bixun is the secretary of Party Committee of Shimen County and the commander of poverty elimination there. Tang Haiping is the director of the Development-oriented Poverty Alleviation office in Jinshi City. Chen Lu is the secretary of the Party Committee of the Kemu Mountain Town, Linli County. Chen Zhigang is sent from Changde to Anfu Village, Dahukou Town, Anxiang County as the leader of the poverty elimination working team. Wang Xinfa is the honorary head of Xuejia Village, Nanbei Town, Shimen County, and he died of a sudden heart attack at the construction site of the seventh bridge which benefits the villagers. Wang Ting, daughter of Wang Xinfa, is the chairman of Shimen Xuejia Co-rich Organic Tea Co. Ltd.


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