Two Specialists from Changde Awarded the Special Government Allowances of the State Council

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According to Hunan Department of Human Resource and Social Security, Zhang Pingxi and Yan Liguo, two specialists from Changde, were awarded special government allowances of the State Council.

The special government allowance of the State Council, given by Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council to those technological professionals, highly-skilled workers, is an incentive system to accelerate the cultivation of the talented people. Once approved to get the special government allowances of the State Council, a one-off tax-free allowance of 20,000RMB will be given to those specialists as a life-long honor. Up to now, there are 71 Changde specialists who have been awarded the special government allowances of the State Council.

Zhang Xiping, a senior agronomist and an artichoke engineering technologist, is the vice president of Changde Academy of Agricultural Sciences, who has been working on the promotion of agricultural technology for 39 years. Yan Liguo is the principal of Taoyuan No. 1 Middle School, a senior teacher of primary and middle school, who has been working for the educational cause and teaching management for 33 years in demonstrative high school on rural areas.


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