Changde Talent Big Data Platform Launched

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-01-14 10:10:36 【Fonts:Small Big

On Thursady, Changde Talent Big Data Platform, sponsored by the Organization Department of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee, officially launched. The use of this platform can make various talent data in the city “come alive” and talents can have access to all kinds of personnel policies at the municipal level while staying indoors, which really realizes “more activity of data and fewer errands of talents”.

Since its launch, on the one hand, the platform can make intelligent screening and structural analysis of a large number of talent data stored in the information database and provide comprehensive and real data support for scientific decision-making. On the other hand, it can take advantage of big data technology to help talents analyze and automatically match available talent policies, support talents to submit application materials via computer or mobile phone, and transform talent subsidy application and functional department review from being “offline” to being “online”, effectively improving the quality of personnel work service and management efficiency in Changde City.


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