More than 400 Municipal People's Congress Deputies Attend the  Sixth Session of the Seventh Municipal People's Congress

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Yesterday morning, more than 400 delegates to the sixth session of the seventh Municipal People's Congress arrived at the station to report for duty.

At each check-in point, under the guidance of the staff, the representatives presented their health code, measured their body temperature, registered well, checked information, got certificates and conference materials. All the work was in order. After completing the registration procedure, the delegates carefully looked through the conference materials, improved the proposals to be submitted, and made full preparations for the conference.

In order to improve their ability to perform their duties and bring the voice of the grassroots to the meeting, before the meeting, the delegates all invested a lot of time and energy, went deep into the grassroots front-line investigation, widely listened to opinions and suggestions, and prepared a lot of high-quality proposals close to people's livelihood and reflecting public opinion.

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