Road Eco-environment Rectified in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2020-12-23 11:55:14 【Fonts:Small Big

On Dec.18, the law enforcement officers from road administration unit, which is directly under the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, went to Wuling District, Dingcheng District, and Changde Economic Development Zone, etc., inspecting and rectifying ecological environment around the national road and the provincial road.

The mileage of this inspection is about 120km. The law enforcement officers inpected the land use and the highway facilities, a large part of which is clean, without illegal act like setting up stalls and obstacle, or throwing trash. However, some marble slabs were found on the lawn on the shoulder of the road at the collinear points between G319 and G207. Then the law enforcement officers collected and fixed the evidence immediately, and assigned the case to the local administration department.


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