Winter Vacation Set in Primary and Secondary Schools in Changde

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On Dec 15th, it was affirmed from Changde Municipal Education Bureau that the winter vacation time of schools in Changde has been set. The winter vacation of primary schools, junior high schools and secondary vocational schools starts on January 23, 2021, while that of high schools is scheduled to be January 30, 2021. The winter vacation ends on Feb 28th for the former and Feb 21st for the latter. The schedule is subject to change in case of extreme weather such as freezing or requirements from the local epidemic prevention and control. The education bureaus at the municipal and the county levels are given authority to adjust the schedule accordingly. Schools for special education and kindergartens shall refer to the implementation.

Changde Municipal Education Bureau required all schools should complete the teaching tasks in strict accordance with the curriculum, and organize work such as the final review, examinations, students' comprehensive quality evaluations, etc. in an orderly way. Before the students leave the school, all schools should carry out safety education on fire prevention, theft prevention, accidental injury prevention, bullying, and traffic accident prevention. They are also required to issue safety knowledge manuals, carry out fire safety drills, hold parents’ meetings, etc. Schools should always keep epidemic prevention and control in mind. During the holiday period, all schools should strictly control the total amount of students’ holiday homework, advocating the arrangement of active, experiential and exploratory homework that is conducive to students’ hands-on and brain work, enhancing their physical health, improving their practical and innovative ability, and reducing their academic burden. Schools should guide students to actively carry out social practice, social survey, community volunteer service and other activities during the holiday.


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