Hunan Provincial Emergency Management Department Issues Cold Wave Warning

Source:常德政府网 Date:2020-12-15 12:00:40 【Fonts:Small Big

On Dec 14th, Hunan Provincial Emergency Management Department issued a cold wave warning message. It was to remind everyone of strengthening the monitoring when the cold wave strikes, so as to ensure the safety on travel, heating, fire, electricity and gas.

According to the weather forecast, extreme weather such as rain, snow, freezing weather will visit a large area in Hunan due to the cold wave, and the minimum temperature in some areas will fall below zero degrees centigrade. The provincial emergency management department requires that the related units should strengthen monitoring and early warning, paying close attention to weather change, accurately releasing early warning information and risk avoidance tips, guiding everyone to take the initiative to prevent accidents caused by extreme weather. It is also required that emergency rescue team should stand by to deal with the possible emergency situation.


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