One Post-Doctoral Research Work Station Added to Changde

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Recently Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission have ratified that 15 organizations in Hunan Province will set up post-doctoral research work stations, among which is Hunan Jintian Titanium Technology Co. Ltd..

To consolidate the construction of post-doctoral research work station is to speed up the cultivation of a team of interdisciplinary, integrated, strategic and innovative young talents who can adapt to economic and social development and technological innovation. At present, there are 7 R&D centers for post-doctoral studies in Changde, such as Jinjian Cereals Industry, Dahu Aquaculture Company Ltd., Hunan Zhongtai Special Equipment Co. Ltd., Changde First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, KAMP Medicine, TAIZ Coatings, and Hunan Jintian Titanium Technology Co. Ltd., among which there are 4 post-doctoral research work stations, 3 collaborative R&D centers for post-doctoral studies, with 7 post-doctors in service and 15 post-doctors completing service.


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