Changde Rice Flour Awarded as National Geographic Indication Certification Mark

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On Dec 6th, the reporter learned from Changde Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that Changde Rice Flour had been awarded as a national geographic indication certification mark.

With a long history, Changde Rice Flour, originating from the Eastern Han Dynasty, has gradually developed into breakfast staple food of Changde urban and rural residents since the reform and opening-up. After rice flour quality improving and upgrading transformation in 2009 and 2016, the present pattern of 20 manufacturing enterprises in Change has formed based on the integration and joint operation of more than one hundred rice flour manufacturing enterprises with reinvestment to build plants. In 2017, Changde Rice Flour manufacturing techniques were listed into the province-level Non-Material Cultural Heritage List. This year Chande Municipal Government has made Changde Rice Flour listed into one of the public brands of six areas in Changde Branding Action. It is expected that by 2021 the outlets of Changde Rice Flour will have been expanded to 20,000 stores, with the total output value of 3 billion yuan.


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