"Beautiful Countryside Action" Greeted in the Countryside

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Recently, the ecological environment protection volunteer service activity "Beautiful Countryside Action" was introduced to Tangjiashan village, Taohuayuan Tourism Administrative District. More than 20 volunteers from the municipal volunteer service team of ecological and environmental protection went into the field to popularize the knowledge about ecological and environmental protection for villagers.

December 5 is the "World Soil Day". The volunteers carried out various publicity activities combined with the theme of "protecting the soil environment". During the activity, the volunteers visited the demonstration project of comprehensive treatment of rural domestic sewage in Tangjiashan Village. 574 households in Tangjiashan Village have reportedly completed the renovation of 517 toilets, accounting for more than 90%; the village has completely banned sand digging and gold digging and fertilizer farming, and regularly carried out silt removal and ecological care for the streams, realizing the diversion of water and sewage and greatly improving the water quality.

It is reported that the municipal ecological environment protection volunteer service team is one of the 10 professional volunteer service teams in our city. The members of the professional volunteer service team mainly come from the on-the-job staff of the city's ecological environment system. This volunteer service activity of "beautiful countryside action" is one of the series activities carried out by the service team. In the future, the series of activities will go into a village every month to spread the knowledge of ecological and environmental protection throughout Changde.


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