Changde to Hold the First Large-scale National Defense Weapon Exhibition

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Changde's first large-scale national defense weapons exhibition will be held in Poly Times Marketing Center on December 19, 2020, according to the news released in the press conference of Changde City's 2020 patriotic education and national defense weapons exhibition on Dec. 4. Visitors can visit the exhibition with tickets for free.

The exhibition will last for 9 days, with a total of 25 exhibits, including 9 exhibits such as the J-10 aircraft and the "Gongchen" tank. "Gongchen" tank is the first tank of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. It made great achievements in battles, witnessing the revolutionary change and development of the people's armored forces from scratch. Together with the "Gongchen" tank and the J-10 aircraft, there are also a series of national defense equipment such as the “Zhanlang” tank 59D and 63C amphibious tracked armored personnel carrier, which have witnessed the ups and downs along the way in China.

This exhibition aims to help the general public to have a deep understanding of China's modern national defense and appreciate the style of China's national defense equipment, further enhance national self-esteem and national sense of honor, and vigorously promote the spirit of patriotism. For the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and the protection of the safety of the general public, the exhibition site is equipped with a medical area, and the citizens are required to wear masks when they go to the exhibition.


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