Shenzhen Delegation Visits Changde

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A Shenzhen delegation led by Huang Min, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, visited Changde for business investigation on Sunday. Zhou Wenhui, mayor and deputy secretary of Change Municipal Committee of the CPC, held a symposium with the delegation. Both parties conducted deep exchanges about agricultural modernization, supply and distribution of high-quality produce.


The Site of the Symposium

During the discussion, some representatives from chambers of commerce and enterprises in Shenzhen delegation expressed that Changde enjoys exceptional advantages in agricultural resources and boasts a variety of produce with high quality and strong market competitiveness. They hoped to develop cooperation with Changde enterprises and further open up produce supply and distribution channels and create more cooperative opportunities.

Mr. Zhou said that with deepening cooperation with Shenzhen in agriculture, it will be beneficial for Changde to catch up with the fast development of Shenzhen. Especially, the cooperation with Shenzhen agricultural science and technology enterprises will greatly promote agricultural modernization of Changde, forge this agricultural city into a strong city with agricultural modernization and boost industrial development of Changde.


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